the ending that needs a new name

you have probably noticed that this is no longer admillsap studio. yep. sometimes in order for something to end and to allow something to begin, there needs to be a name change.

a foggy morning here on the farm

a foggy morning here on the farm

you see… when i first chose my business name, admillsap studio, i was signed up to attend art shows, and galleries. i opened my etsy shop, ordered business cards, and started this website. then in just a few short weeks, i started to battle against severe anxiety and panic attacks. you can read about that here and here.

and for the next three years, i have battled against fear, anger, frustration, and simply… fighting to get back into my studio. if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that i have indeed painted, sclupted, and created… but i lost most of my joy in it. my studio had become a place of…darkness. of intense fear. of i-don’t-deserve-this-space. so much so that one day, my mom came out to the farm to simply sit in my studio so i wouldn’t fear the place the once brought me so much joy. she sat with me, not speaking, but to just let me know i wasn’t alone. i was simply trying to fight against the darkness in the only way i knew how. then this summer a thought came to me (possibly the Holy Spirit?) that i need a fresh start. a new beginning. a new song. one where the name brought me hope, inspired me, and reminded me what i was created to do. to start again. and to do away with the name that came with a reminder of when the fear and panic started. to do away with the name that came with a reminder of all that i had loss.

so… introducing…

Plein Ayre Meadows

a place of fresh beginnings. of hope and peace. a place all about God and Jesus and less about me.