Artist Bio

Alissa Millsap, born of a carpenter, has dreaming and creating in her blood. She is a light chaser, a seeker of the small, and a lover of silence. One would most often find her exploring the back country roads or in her studio creating a sculpture or a painting of the views she has been inspired by. She lives in the prairies of Nebraska with her farmer husband, their funny and creative daughter, and their dog, Harley.


Artist Statement

Sometimes, I think I was born with a pencil in my hand. Drawing was a way for me to communicate what I was feeling. Later, while studying interior design, I fell in love with how color can be used to evoke emotions.

Painting in acrylics is a way for me to represent a subject in an impressionistic style, while drawing allows me more control in adding details. By putting them together, it grants me the freedom to express a story that I need to tell. With the addition of vintage papers and excerpts of my found poetry written on my pieces, the story becomes complete.

The subjects I paint, come from living as a farmer's wife and as a child of God. Patience, hope, and beauty are the life lessons that I have learned from these experiences. I continue to develop them through my artwork.